Saya Papaya is Swarovski Crystal Jewelry for a Cause.

Hi! I'm Shannon. I am the owner, creator, designer, photographer, webmaster, bookkeeper, buyer, curator, maker, packer, shipper, and customer service representative of Saya Papaya Handmade Jewelry. When you order from Saya Papaya, I make your jewelry with my own two hands. When you contact Saya Papaya, you're talking directly to me. When you come to Saya Papaya's trade shows, you'll see me behind the table. I'd love to meet you.
I love the rich and wonderful history of rhinestone jewelry and Swarovski Austrian crystals - rhinestone costume jewelry was originally created as an affordable way for the average woman to feel as glamorous as royalty without breaking the bank. I am excited to carry on the tradition by making beautiful genuine Swarovski jewelry that is wearable and affordable.

Saya Papaya Handmade Jewelry is a small, independently owned business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Connecting with my customers is one of my favorite parts of having a business. Another added bonus is that Saya Papaya gives me a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about Animal Friends, where my furry mascot, Saya, was adopted. I love meeting fellow jewelry and animal lovers and having a way to give back to Animal Friends and to aid in the rescue of homeless pets.

This is my fianc√©, Ian. You'll see him at Saya Papaya's shows, too. He knows just as much about the jewelry as I do because he acts as my sounding board and even has a design of his own. He's great at customer service and will probably be the one to process your order. More importantly, Ian is Saya's dad! She loves him the most because he has a scratchy face (but I don't hold it against them).

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